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100% FREE to USE and extremely effective.
Beat your competition and save tens of thousands of $$$.

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Ever wonder why some websites are getting all the traffic, and your website is still drifting around at the bottom of the search results? Ever wonder what the magic dust and the golden trick is? Would you like to dominate in your market, but you don’t want to pay an SEO firm BIG money for years to get there?

I have the solution for you – and it’s free!

First of all, there is no magic dust or golden trick. It’s just knowing what to do and what NOT to do. We created Web Ascension® for talented and driven people like yourself; people who just want the no-nonsense formula for rising to the top and staying there.

 And don’t worry. This isn’t rocket science. We took out all the fluff, smoke, mirrors, and baloney for you.

Three Modules:

Web Ascension® has three easy to follow step by step modules:

Module #1 – The Instruments
organization, platforms, tools, branding, key players

Module #2 – The Symphony
the big picture action plans, content, scheduling

Module #3 – The Conductor
brand longevity, the good news, pep talk