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Web Ascension®

Search Engine Optimization Since 2003

Launching July 1, 2019 / 100% Free!


Ever wonder why some websites are getting all the traffic, and your website is still drifting around at the bottom of the search results? Ever wonder what the magic dust and the golden trick is? Would you like to be king in your market, but you don’t want to pay an SEO firm BIG money for years to get there?

I think I have the solution for you – and it’s free!

First of all, there is no magic dust or golden trick. It’s just knowing what to do and what NOT to do. We created Web Ascension® for talented and driven people like yourself. People who just want the no-nonsense formula for rising to the top and staying there.

 And don’t worry. This isn’t rocket science. We took out all the fluff, smoke, mirrors, and baloney for you. Brent cuts to the chase and gives the MOST important tips and tricks he’s used for over 15 years. Methods he’s used to make over 2.5 millions dollars online as an affiliate marketer and “search engine guy”.

You can learn more about the creator and his success online here, but I’m guessing you want to dig in and unlock the mystery of online domination for yourself. You want to get started sending YOUR website rocketing above your competition.

Web Ascension® is a system we developed for quickly growing your business brand online.

Which means FASTER:

– social media growth
– website traffic growth
– brand recognition

Over 5 years of development and strategy testing went into perfecting our Web Ascension® system and we have over 15 years experience managing online campaigns for small and large companies in Canada and the United States.

Three Modules:

Web Ascension® has three modules. Within these modules Brent pays special attention to the order of disciplines; making consumption easy and enjoyable.

Module #1 – The Instruments
organization, platforms, tools, branding, key players

Module #2 – The Symphony
the big picture action plans, content, scheduling

Module #3 – The Conductor
brand longevity, the good news, pep talk

How it works:

Once you submit the form above we will send you an email with a link and a pass code so you can get instant access to Web Ascension®. We break each step down to make it as easy as possible for you.

We’re providing this training for free so you can save money AND quickly ramp up your brand.

So what do we get out of it? (I heard you ask)

We know some business owners just don’t have the time to use Web Ascension®, and will choose to let us do all the work for them using our own software and proprietary tools. If that describes your situation, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to learning more about your goals. Enjoy and prosper.

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