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DIY SEO TIP #3 – Site Maps Are Obsolete in 2019

NOTE: In this opinion I am referring to the use of HTML and XML site maps on your local business website. Once upon a time in the world of search engine optimization the gurus told webmasters they needed to have a site map. This is just a page on your website that contains links to…
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DIY SEO TIP #2: Simple Sentence on Home Page

This is another one of those self-explanatory tips for search engine optimization of your business website. Even though Google doesn’t take into consideration keyword density and keyword structure like they did back in the old web 2.0 days, you still need to have at least one simple sentence on your home page that describes the…
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DIY SEO TIP #1: Natural Inbound Links

When you’re self-launching your first business website it’s very important to get established with the search engines right out of the gate. The best way to do that is to get some very natural links to your website from your friends, family, and customers. This only takes a few minutes of your time but the…
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