DIY SEO TIP #2: Simple Sentence on Home Page

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This is another one of those self-explanatory tips for search engine optimization of your business website.

Even though Google doesn’t take into consideration keyword density and keyword structure like they did back in the old web 2.0 days, you still need to have at least one simple sentence on your home page that describes the products and services you provide and in what geographical area you provide them.

So for a perfect example in the image above with a flooring company that does business in Saskatoon you would write a simple sentence something like this:

…we provide residential and commercial flooring for Saskatoon companies and residents”

Once again, I know this seems like a simple no- brainer but once again you would be surprised how many business owners don’t let their visitors know immediately (above the fold) what they provide to their customers in their area of the country.

Make sure the sentence is simple but yet provides enough detail so that the visitors on your website clearly understand what you provide.

This does two things

One, it tells your visitor what you do and where, and two, it tells the search engine’s exactly what you do and where.

This isn’t so much of a concern for a long established website, but it’s very helpful to have this in place when you first launch your business website.

So if you haven’t done this yet, go ahead and create this simple sentence somewhere at the top of your home page.

This isn’t just important with Google, but it’s also important with all of the other major search engines like Bing, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

Exceptions to the tip

Of course there are some exceptions – some business websites don’t have a typical home page with products, services, contact, and testimonial links in the stop navigation bar. These kind if website may have a flash presentation, or some stripped down initial page used for effect. In this case just make sure that the sentence describing your products and services is on the main page used by your visitors.

Even if the search engines decide to change their algorithm and there is speculation online stating that this tip is no longer required for Google’s algorithm, it’s still very important for your visitors. This is the key question you should always ask yourself whenever change or add something on your website – don’t worry about what Google’s algorithm is doing at the time – just make your sure your content is helping your customers.


That’s it for this easy SEO tip. As we provide more of these tips we will be getting a little bit more complicated as we go. At this point we only have two tips, But there are plenty more to come.

If you need help getting your business website ranking higher in the major search engines please give us a call or a text or an email and we can tell you about what our different services are and how they work.

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